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This basil olive oil is made by a couple seeking a truly organic, herb infused olive oil and when they couldn’t, they decided to make it themselves. Basil has been used for thousands of years and by no coincidence billions have enjoyed basil for it’s intense aroma and flavor. Basil, also known as “the king of herbs” has been loved throughout the ages and encapsulated in this bottle is enough basil to give any dish eons of flavor. This is not just any olive oil, It’s Owlive oil.

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This Basil Olive Oil is made by Owlive Oil, maker of healthy organic infused olive oils. The couple behind Owlive Oil only use the finest ingredients for their product. They believe that what you put in your body is important because after all – you are what you eat. Olive oil is a healthy alternative to margarine and butter and carries a plentiful amount of omega 3’s fatty acids. They use genuine certified olive oil in all their infused olive oils. 5% of each bottle sold is donated to the Hungry Owl Project, a terrific organization that rehabilitates and protects owls that are poisoned by rodenticides such as common rat poison. Please consider visiting them to make a donation –

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