Monkey Fist Key Chain

Monkey Fist Key Chain
Monkey Fist Key Chain


Inspired by the rope-work and knots that are used on sailboats, these monkey fist key chains, are sure to be the perfect nautical touch to your home or event.  Hand-crafted from the finest materials here in Maine, the nautical rope-work is sure to please.

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Product Description

This monkey fist key chain is named due to it’s knot technique. This knot is named the monkey fist because it looks somewhat like a small bunched fist/paw. The monkey fist knot is traditionally tied at the end of a rope and used as a the weight (because it makes it easier to throw) in a heaving line on sailboats.

The knot is usually tied around a small weight, such as a stone, marble, tight fold of paper, grapeshot, or a piece of wood. A thicker line will require a larger object in the centre to hold the shape of the knot. Another variation of the monkey’s fist knot omits the use of an internal object as a weight and rather uses the spare end which gets tucked back into the knot. This results in a nicer looking knot of a lesser weight, minimizing the potential danger of hurting someone with the knot when hauling line. A floating monkey’s fist can be created by tying around a buoyant material such as cork or styrofoam.

These key chains make a fantastic wedding favor for a nautical themed wedding. Monkey fist key chains make a “useful” keepsake to thank your loved ones for sharing in your special day. Your guests will think of you every time they grab their keys to start the car, open the door, or check their mail.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 7 x 5 x 2 in


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