Maine Essentials Gift Package

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The Maine Essentials Gift Package gives someone a taste for all the traditional Maine necessities…

8oz Maine Maple Syrup
Blueberry Tea
Wild Maine Blueberry Jam
8oz Pure Maine Honey from Zen Bear
Mariner’s Peril Coffee from Shipwreck Coffee Company
6oz Garlic Maine Sea Salt Jar
Needhams from Haven’s Candies

Out of stock


The ready-to-go gift packages are created with Maine made items hand selected by Marie based on the most popular packages put together by customers in store. Want to have a gift box sent to someone but don’t have the time to figure out what to put in them? We’ve got it all taken care of. This Maine Essentials Gift Package features a few of the traditional Maine favorites.

Blueberry Tea : Steep one of these eight tea bags in your favorite mug for at least five minutes and in minute one you will be smelling the fruity blueberries and your taste buds will be watering.

Maine Maple Syrup : 8 ounces of Pure Maine Maple Syrup with an amber color and a rich flavor. Popular for table and all around use. Have you ever tried maple syrup in your coffee?….

Zen Bear Honey : 8 ounces of delicious raw and unfiltered honey collected from Amish and other farms in northern Maine’s Aroostook Valley.

Wild Blueberry Jam :  a Maine staple! This jam is produced by Maine Maple Products and is made with real teeny tiny blueberries from Maine.

Mariner’s Peril : This blend is a unique combination of coffees that will keep mariners alert as they navigate their way home to safety.  A blend of Columbian,  Guatemalan and Indonesian coffees create a unique medium/dark combination perfect for that afternoon pick me up made by Shipwreck Coffee Company.

Garlic Maine Sea Salt : This 6oz jar is just the right size to use by the pinch, and to use as a finishing salt. Maine Sea Salt is natural Gourmet salt, solar evaporated, and no anti caking agents are added to their coarse sea salt. It is perfect for the table and kitchen. Use by the pinch for a clean saline taste like the sea. Hand Harvested on the Coast of Maine.  Kosher Certified.

Needhams : You don’t want ’em, you need ’em! Haven’s Candies makes this favorite old-fashioned candy featuring Maine potatoes. Confectioners sugar, shaved coconut and butter accompany the mashed potatoes and are covered in dark chocolate and sea salt to create these decadent traditional treats.




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