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BEER ME T Shirt, Maine Beer T Shirt
Love ME T Shirt, Maine Love T Shirt

How much do you love Maine? How much do you love Maine beer? Enough to wear it on your t-shirt? Represent your love for Vacationland and the amazing microbrews created here with a super-soft T-shirt. The entire Stewart family has their own and use them to find each other at the Maine Brewers Festival.


How does one stick out in a crowd? You wear blaze orange.

That’s how Chris’s group of friends would find each other at the Maine Brewers Festival every year. In a mob of hundreds of people with pint glasses overflowing, wearing bright colors made it easy to regroup and share their favorite brews.

During the fall of 2009, Chris designed a t-shirt that all of his friends could wear to the event. At the festival, a friend of his literally sold the shirt off his back to a fellow enthusiast, so Chris decided to make a few more shirts to sell around town. When those sold out, he made a few more, and now he has dozens of styles and colors, all celebrating all things Maine – the places, the activities, the people, and especially our beer.

All of their apparel is proudly printed in Portland, Maine.



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