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The blue lobster onesie features designs that are realistic and simple, and are printed with non-toxic ink on onesies made in the US. The underwater critters such as lobsters and horseshoe crabs that Nick was first drawn to have a strong presence in his work and he has come to incorporate some of the above ground scenes that Maine has to offer such as lupines and fiddleheads.

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The Blue Lobster Onesie is screen printed by Nick. Nick lives in Maine with his wife Katie, two kids, Lulu and Killian, and their dog Ursa. They have always had a deep connection with the environment, and have had many exciting adventures exploring the natural world. This excitement inspires much of Nick’s artwork and his style is one of a kind.

As long as Nick can remember, he has loved to take photographs. His paintings, however, have evolved from a simple twist of fate. After attending Long Island University, Nick began his professional life as a teacher’s aide in a kindergarten classroom, which got pretty chaotic at times.  As a way to unwind both the students and teachers, the class would have some time at the end of the day for arts and crafts. This little trick to relax stuck, and Nick found himself painting more and more. Before long, his painting ability and style began to develop. After some time in the Florida Keys as an outdoor educator, Nick began to paint his underwater scenes and critters. He began to sell his paintings and was hired as a muralist.

Florida was a wonderful place to experience, but Nick and Katie wanted to move closer to family and friends. So after one final tropical storm, they traded in their boats and flip-flops, packed up the car and drove back home to Maine.

Two kids later, Nick is still an environmental scientist by day and artist by night. The underwater critters that he once swam with, have became detailed illustrations, and eventually screenprints. These screenprints were soon used to print napkins and towels (gifts for friends and family), as well as, custom made onesies for Lulu and Killian. Before long, more and more friends requested onesies, and these once simple gifts are now sold throughout the US. The designs are realistic and simple, and are printed with non-toxic ink on onesies made in the US. With life crazier than ever, the artwork still allows Nick to take a few minutes to relax and enjoy the natural world.

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