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American Heritage Pens - Battle of Gettysburg
Gettysburg Tree Pen| American Heritage Pen
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These historical wood pens are made by American Heritage Pens from historical sites and items. Featuring wood from trees at several historical battles or wood from old lobster traps. Ball point pens are available online. Call our stores for additional inventory and fountain pen availability. All pens come in a black velvet lined pen box.

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This Battle of Gettysburg Pen is made by American Heritage Pens, a Maine based business crafting pens from small pieces of historic wood. They are honored to be the exclusive pen maker for the USS Constitution Museum. Over the years repairs have been made to America’s Ship of State the “USS Constitution”. The museum has provided wood removed during those repairs to be used by American Heritage. No one else has that honor. This is one of many histories available. Each refillable pen includes a history card which explains the importance of the wood used. 



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