It has been two weeks since Christmas day so hopefully everyone who purchased one of these Custom 2017 Ornaments by Beth Doan – Maine Artist has given it to the recipient. Because I just can’t wait any longer to share the images of a few of the ornaments that she custom designed for our customers. They are SO darling and we can’t wait to see what she comes up with for 2018! Got ideas? Email and she’ll help you order your customized ornament for 2018!

Custom 2017 Ornament | Beth Doan Maine Artist | Baby's First Christmas

Custom 2017 Ornament | Beth Doan Maine Artist | Baby's First Christmas

Custom 2017 Ornament | Beth Doan Maine Artist | Baby's First Christmas




Custom 2017 Ornament | Beth Doan Maine Artist | Snowmen Ballet Ornament

Custom 2017 Ornament | Beth Doan Maine Artist | Snowmen Guitar Ornament



Custom 2017 Ornament | Beth Doan Maine Artist | Snowmen Family Ornament

Custom 2017 Ornament | Beth Doan Maine Artist | Snowmen Family Ornament

Custom 2017 Ornament | Beth Doan Maine Artist | Snowmen Family Ornament

Custom 2017 Ornament | Beth Doan Maine Artist | Blueberry Ornament

Custom 2017 Ornament | Beth Doan Maine Artist | Christmas Wreath Ornament | I Love you Ornament

Custom 2017 Ornament | Beth Doan Maine Artist | Lobster Ornament

Custom 2017 Ornament | Beth Doan Maine Artist | Snowman Ornament

Custom 2017 Ornament | Beth Doan Maine Artist | Lobster Boat Ornament

With today’s blizzard I got to spend some time cleaning out my email inbox from crazy December and couldn’t help but share. We love hearing from our customers AND our artisans…. here’s just a few of the lovely comments we received over the past week. 🙂 #lovelisamaries

Dear Lisa-Marie AKA Mom,

Every day you have always put others first. Your siblings, your parents, my dad, Dad’s parents, me, and my brother have always felt your love and support. You amaze me with your seemingly unending ability to make the people in your life happy. And now, you are putting the artisans and craftsmen that we support ahead of your own wants and needs. This post is to say that it does not go unnoticed. Nor has everything you have done for me in my life gone unnoticed.

I remember being little and helping you paint little wooden cat and dog heads to add to your work. You taught me what it was to help contribute to the family.

I remember sitting on the edge of your bed when you were pregnant and you asked me what we should name the baby if it was a boy. Then you named my baby brother the name I picked out. You taught me that my opinion was important and that you valued it, even at the age of 4.

I remember going to yard sales and you finding things that I thought were destined for the dump, and you turned it into something wonderful. You taught me that everything can have a new purpose.

I remember finding you in the parking lot after school before we opened a shop and you were selling things to fellow parents out of the back of the van. You taught me that hard work never stops.

I remember bringing my friends home after school to study without warning. You taught me that you don’t need to be  related by blood to be family and that my friends were also your children. You welcomed them into our home with open arms and a hot meal. You taught me that there is always something in the fridge or cupboard that can be made into something, even when it looks like there is nothing. (Do you remember the New Years Eve that I showed up with about 20 of my friends and you and Dad said it was okay for everyone to stay? Parents of the year award should have gone to you!)

I remember when you decided to open Lisa-Marie’s in Bath and how nervous you were but you trusted your gut instinct. I was put to work on the weekends and though I may have complained at the time, I learned that being a part of a family that runs a business is a true privilege. You taught me to listen to my intuition.

I remember calling you when I was in college, crying because I was so overwhelmed with my course load and you told me that you believed in me. You taught me that sometimes it’s okay to cry.

I remember many things about the amazing childhood that you gave me. I have learned more from you than I could ever list. You are a strong, independent, savvy, self-sufficient woman who will not take no for an answer and loves endlessly and unconditionally. I am so lucky to be 50% you.

Thank-you for everything that you do for me, our family and the hundreds of other Maine families that you support. Your hard work and devotion to making the business succeed is truly incredible. And it doesn’t hold a candle to the hard work, devotion, sweat, tears, blood and LOVE that you have put into being the greatest mom a coupla kids could ever ask for.

I admire you every day. I can only hope that one day I grow into half the woman you are.

Happy Mother’s Day, Momma.

Love you bunches forever and for always.
~punkin pie

This week, Lisa-Marie took a day and added a some miles to the van driving all over Maine meeting with some of our artisans and craftsmen to pick up some new inventory to kick off Spring.

The first stop was for the biggest boxes with North Country Wind Bells.

Andy loads large boxes filled with North Country Wind Bells into the Lisa-Marie's mobile.

Andy loads large boxes filled with North Country Wind Bells into the Lisa-Marie’s mobile.

Next were the candle stops.

You can't miss the Danica Candleworks sign!

You can’t miss the Danica Candleworks sign!

Colorful taper candles by Danica Candles

Colorful taper candles by Danica Candles

The busy workweek behind the hard work of The Primitive Keeper.

The busy workweek behind the hard work of The Primitive Keeper.

Then a visit with A&E Stoneworks.

Andy transfers stonework done by A&E Stoneworks from their van to the Lisa-Marie's mobile.

Andy transfers stonework done by A&E Stoneworks from their van to the Lisa-Marie’s mobile.

This all led to a VERY full fan!

Fully loaded van full of North Country Wind Bells, A&E Stoneworks, and Primitive Keeper Candles

Fully loaded van full of North Country Wind Bells, A&E Stoneworks, and Primitive Keeper Candles

They finally landed in Bath and Andy catches his breath before unloading the the very full van.

They finally landed in Bath and Andy catches his breath before unloading the the very full van.

When the boxes were dropped off, the Bath staff got right to work getting the labels on the new products.

Bath store ladies get tickets on the new pottery from TB Pots.

Bath store ladies get tickets on the new pottery from TB Pots.

Come in soon to get the first pick of the new inventory. You never know when it’s the last one we’ll get from these creative and innovative artisans and craftsmen.

We had a great time last week working with a return customer who hand selected items to put be put into five different gift baskets to be given to people working on the Christening at BIW.
Garden Fresh Design Blueberry Towel
Chocolate Covered Blueberries by Wilbur’s
Soap and Lotion set from Stonewall Kitchen
Blueberry Tea with a Sparky’s Mini Honey
Blueberry Spread from Berts’ Awesome Stuff
Maine Mud
and Sea Mist Soap from Casco Bay Soap Co.


We had an awesome time last Friday at our Sweethearts Open House in Bath and in Portland. The weather was blustery but people were happy for a cup of hot tea and a snack while meeting some of our jewelers.

Both locations had a spread of delicious food featuring EnlightenMINT tea from Zen Bear Honey, Bert’s Awesome Stuff Mango Chutney over Cheddar Cheese on a cracker, Bar Harbor Jam’s Blueberry Hot Pepper Jelly over whipped Cream Cheese on a cracker, and Chocolate Covered Cranberries. The mint/honey tea got rave reviews! We served it with fresh mint and lime. It’s delicious cold served over ice. (Perhaps with a touch of whiskey added…)

EnlightenMINT Honey Tea from Zen Bear Honey, Chocolate Covered Cranberries, Bert's Awesome Stuff Mango Chutney, Bar Harbor Jam's Blueberry Hot Pepper Jelly

Our Bath location hosted Tenley of Lobster Designs and Sarah of Sarah’s Sand Dollars. After years and years of being in the same store and having probably done the same shows a few times, this was the FIRST time that Tenley and Sarah met. Sarah is a lobsterman herself, and Tenley’s husband is a lobsterman and she has stern-manned for him before so it’s clear that both of these amazing women are inspired by the ocean and the rough work that it creates for Mainers. We love that these creative women can create such beautiful pieces of jewelry from the wilds of the water.

Sarah of Sarah's Sand Dollars, Tenley of Lobster Design

Cullen Concannon of Cape Elizabeth (I really enjoy saying that just for the alliteration of it) was in our Portland location displaying her jewelry made with sterling silver, sea glass, beach stones, and other stones. We couldn’t help but ooh and aaah over the pieces that she had never made just for the event. Nicole in our Portland store bought some earrings before anyone else could even get the chance!

Cullen Jewelry Design

Cullen Jewelry Design

Cullen Jewelry Design


Our Portland location is supported by an awesome organization called Portland Downtown which works hard to support the businesses of Portland. Every year they put on an event called Shop for a Cause where many of the downtown businesses will bond together and choose an organization to donate money to. This year we chose the Milestone Foundation which works to support people who are facing addiction and homelessness in our community. Portland was really smart and decided to have this event the same as Small Business Saturday.

It’s an awesome event in the community and we had some very happy shoppers who were pleased to know that their money was going to a good cause as well as a local business.






We were even treated to some lovely Carolers who were spreading holiday joy to the happy Old Port shoppers.

Portland store Manager, Marie, was interviewed three different times over the course of the day about Shop for a Cause and Small Business Saturday. Links to these interviews are below.

WMTW8 Small Business Saturday 2016

WCSH6 Small Business Saturday 2016

WGME13 Small Business Saturday 2016

This time of year we often have people walk into the store looking completely lost knowing that they have to find some stocking stuffers. This year, we had a customer e-mail us with a Stocking Stuffer SOS …

On Dec 7, 2015, at 2:22 PM:

Dear Lisa-Marie’s Made in Maine,
Help! I am attending my girlfriend’s family Christmas Eve events and have been told that her family is including me in their Stocking Tradition. Every year, each member of the family has a stocking and they all put one item around $10 into everyone else’s stocking. I have been given the names of the people who will be there. Her family has vacationed in Maine and enjoys it here. I have just moved to Maine and would love to give them some stocking stuffers representing Maine as well as support a local business. I don’t have the time to come into the store to browse so I was wondering if you could help give me some ideas of what you have in the store. Do you provide gift wrapping?

Phred (girlfriend’s Dad) : 7th Grade Science Teacher
Helen (girlfriend’s Mom) : likes wine, has lots of earrings.
Marcy (girlfriend’s sister) : studied Photography in school
Leslie & Jesse (family friends, two stockings) : Don’t know them that well. They have a lake house.
Carol & Richard (family friends, two stockings) : I haven’t met them.

Thank-you in advance for your help.

Of course, we were more than happy to oblige and provide some ideas…

On Dec 7, 2015, at 5:06 PM, Marie Stewart <> wrote:

Hi Jess!
Thanks so much for your inquiry. We’d be happy to help with some Stocking Stuffer ideas!
It can be difficult and stressful to buy things for people that you don’t know that well. Luckily, we’ve got lots of gift ideas around $10 that are functional and won’t collect dust.

Phred : 
Pocket Monkey – a multi-functional tool that slides right into your wallet. $10
Minimalist Wallet – perfect to hold your Driver’s License and a few credit cards. $8
Maple Syrup – you can’t go wrong with maple syrup. It’s organic and just so much better than the high-fructose syrups you find at the grocery store. $9-$16stocking stuffersHelen : 
Tea with Honey – We have flavored teas with honey made by bees who have only pollinated blueberry bushes, giving it a blueberry hint. Tea $3, Honey $6
Soap & hand cream – There are MANY different soaps in different scents to choose from. Pair the soap with a scented hand cream made from local beeswax. Soap $6. Hand Cream $8
Typewriter Key Jewelry – Necklaces with pendants made from old, vintage typewriters. $18
stocking stuffersMarcy :
Photography by JKW – We have gorgeous photography of Maine by local photographer available in 5×7 prints. $7
Soy Candle – Soy candles are better for the environment as they burn and we carry a couple different companies that make different scents. I love the    $10
State of Maine slate coaster – cut from Maine slate into the shape of Maine, these coasters will keep your tabletops dry. $14

stocking stuffersLeslie & Jessie :
Maple Syrup – again, you can’t go wrong with Maple Syrup. $9-$16
Ikebana vase – small pottery cups with prongs in the center to hold hollow stemmed flowers to prolong their life. $12
Jam – many different kinds to choose from, blueberry jam is a Maine staple. $6-$9
Chowder & Towel – We have chowder mixes that make you seem like a professional chef. Pair the mix with a Flour Sack Towel with a lobster on it. Chowder mix $6, Towel $9.

stocking stuffersCarol & Richard :
Balsam Cabin Incense Burner – In the shape of a cabin, these little boxes hold incense sticks that are held in the chimney of the cabin. They fill your home with the sent of pine and Maine woods when burnt. 
Coffee or Tea – Blueberry coffee or Maple Tea are good gifts for people who you don’t know well – because who doesn’t like coffee or tea? $3 each
Blueberry Pancake mix – Give the gift of breakfast. Make it super easy to whip up a batch of pancakes by giving a Blueberry Pancake mix. $9
Massage Candle – After these are burnt for a little while, use the melted wax to moisturize your skin. Made with coconut oil and other natural ingredients, these candles will leave your skin feeling soft and smelling wonderful. $10
stocking stuffers
I hope this helps. Let me know what you are interested in and we will start to get everything gift wrapped ready for those stockings for you! Thanks again for choosing to buy local.

Jess responded to us promptly…

On Dec 8, 2015, at 11:48 AM:


Thanks for all that info. You seem to have a lot of options, it was hard to choose!

For Phred I’d like to do some maple syrup.
For Helen Some soap and hand cream to match scents
I think Marcy would most appreciate a soy candle. What’s your favorite scent?
I recall Leslie and Jessie having flowers around their lake house. Could I get an ikebana for Leslie?
I’d like to do a syrup of some sort for Jessie also. Do you have anything different than what I’d get for Phred? Maybe
something blueberry?
I really don’t know Carol and Jessie at all so I think I’d like to go with some food. Could we do a couple of coffees for Carol and a pancake mix for Richard? 
Let me know if you can make these things happen. I will call you to give you my credit card info for payment. I look forward to hearing from you.

With our mission in hand, like busy little elves, we picked out Jess’ requests, photographed and wrapped them up for her. Each item had it’s price tag removed, and was wrapped in red, white and green paper ready to by stuffed into a stocking.

On Dec 8, 2015, at 2:15 PM, Marie Stewart <> wrote:
Hi Jess,
Thanks for the phone call with your payment information. I’ve got it all done for you. I chose the Maine Sea Breeze candle for Marcy as it’s one of my personal favorites. Stop by whenever is convenient for you to pick up your items. Thanks again for supporting local and we hope that your recipients love their stocking stuffers!
stocking stuffersstocking stuffers

Since we had received Jess’s credit card information over the phone and all her items were paid, all she had to do was to stop in the store on her way home from work to pick up her bag of fully wrapped. She was really appreciative…

On Dec 8, 2015, at 8:34 PM:
Thank-you so much for your prompt responses and quick wrapping. You have made the stressful job of finding stocking stuffers for people I don’t know that well pain-free. I can’t wait to bring my pieces of Maine to loved ones in New Jersey. I’ll be back when I need to buy more gifts for people.

And with that, we have another satisfied customer! Thanks Jess, for choosing Lisa-Marie’s for your Stocking Stuffers SOS!