We all know how quickly the temperatures change during a day in Maine. You may start with a hat and sweatshirt by need to strip down to the t-shirt before lunch. We had some cute kids at our disposal and couldn’t help but snap some shots of these summertime kids enjoying a romp in the park. They were generous enough to split their playtime with some modeling for us and we couldn’t have gotten sweeter shots.

Find the yellow Maine t-shirt here.

Find the kids Maine hoodie here.

P.S. Adult hats are available here and here.

Summertime Kids

Summertime KidsSummertime KidsSummertime Kids

Summertime KidsSummertime Kids

For a moment, let’s consider the story of the sand dollar. As a small, flat sea creature that travels from the depths of the ocean to the shores of our beaches, the sand dollar is a treasure to find. Any of us who spent time by the sea shore during our youth probably had a collection of them.  They were a challengeto find,neat to look at and fun to gather. As we become adults, our hunt for the sand dollar may continue but our assortment from the past may not. My collection and the shells that were with them,are long gone along withmy own childhood.

But Sarah, one of our artists, has found a way to revive these memories and honor the sand dollar’s natural beauty—by creating them into pendants.She has mastered transformingthe remnants of these small sea creatures from the brittle shelled objects of desire we collected into something that won’t gather dust on your shelves.

It all started with a spilledglass of wine. Sarah and her husband were enjoying an eveningby the fire, each with a glass of red wine. She had placed a handful of sand dollars by the fire to dry out. Over toppled a glass, and before she could save it, the red liquid had been absorbed by one of the sand dollars. Sarah and her husband observed that the stain of the wine brought out the texture of the sand dollar;a beautiful display of nature’s patterns.

That was justthe beginning. Since then, Sarah has discoveredthat she can dyethese a multitude of colors andcombinations. Once the color is set,she then adds layers of a clear coatin order to strengthenand ensureultra-violet protection. The result?A lovely, uniquenecklace that will be the perfect accent to any outfit. There are such a variety of colors and sizesto choose from that you are sure to find onethat fits your personal style.No two sand dollars are alike, so even if treated with the same shade of dye, the result will change every time. It’s magical in a way, and with every one of Sarah’s Sand Dollars that leaves the shop, the lucky recipient will be able to take a piece of Maine’s coastline treasures home…and acknowledge that sometimes you don’t always have to cry over spilled wine. 🙂

See a variety of Sarah’s Sand Dollars available now.


We are super proud of our Portland store team! This Valentine’s window is so clever and creative and our hearts burst just like a whale’s spout! Whale you be Mine?

This window features many Maine made items including

-a whale made from barn wood
-nail art by Heather Kelly
-a Valentine’s bowtie
jewelry from Lovell Designs
-a heart mug by Devenney Pottery
-a rocks glass made from a Grey Goose vodka bottle with a Bloody Lobster mix from Waldo Stone Farms
-a wallet by Flowfold
-the Mini Maine necklace
-a moose couple heart ornament
-a Maine and Portland Latitude and Longitude pillow by JCR Custom Designs
Red Sea Glass jewelry
-a framed sea glass couple
-a sea shell beach lamp by Barbara Gail
-a barn wood state of Maine made by Portland store manager, Barb.

When you hear wooden snowflake ornaments, do you think of an orchard? I didn’t think so.

You may have heard of Dole’s Orchard in Limington, Maine because of their awesome pick-your-own-fruit business. But did you know that they specialize in box making, custom woodworking and laser engraving as well? We are loving this other family owned and operated business!

This year they came up with a BRAND new product, well, actually six! They designed six different styles of intricate wooden snowflake ornaments that are just STUNNING. Some have a subtle silver or gold finish but most are in the natural wood state that they were cut in. It’s hard to pick a favorite style!

They were written up in the Portland Press Herald just before Christmas and we were listed as the exclusive place to buy them. Suddenly we had people coming in and calling every day asking for them! You can see the article here.

We have some left in each of our locations and will try to keep them stocked on our website as well. See what’s available here.

Here’s the Star Ornament and Branches Ornament. Which one is your favorite?



Recently we had a customer who was passing through the Portland Jetport on her way out of Maine reach out because she saw our kiosk display in the terminal. In the display was a Nancy’s Bags Wallet that we carry that is personally used by a Lisa-Marie’s team member, Marie. When Martha reached to Lisa-Marie’s via email about this wallet, Marie jumped on the opportunity to share some info (and her personal joy) for these wallets. First Marie sent along some pictures of the available styles.

Nancy's Bags Wallet

Nancy's Bags Wallet

Nancy's Bags Wallet

Martha had a few follow up questions…


Could you please answer some questions about this wallet?  It appears to be light weight and very attractive.

How many slots does it have for credit cards, driver’s license, etc.?

Can it hold a check book and register?

Does it have a coin compartment and, if so, what type of closure does it have? In the picture I think I see a zippered section which may for coins.

What is the price of the wallet and can you choose the fabric pattern or are they sent out randomly?

Thanks for sending the pictures.

Marie thought it would be more fun to make a little video for Martha rather than struggle to find words to describe the coolness of this wallet. Let us know what you think!

Whenever possible, Lisa-Marie finds display pieces and store fixtures from stores that are closing and other artists that are selling pieces they aren’t using more. After many years of use in the Bath location, it was time to move the cash counter and get some new counters. Lisa-Marie reached out to one of our craftsmen, Joe, who builds furniture as well as lobster trap caddies. After a few weeks, in his spare time, Joe built the most beautiful counters for us. They are on wheels so if (when) we rearrange again, we can simply roll them into their new location. We LOVE how they look and the way they immediately upgraded the space people walk into when they enter 170 Front Street. Thanks Joe for all your hard work. Our new counters are BEAUTIFUL!

We had an awesome time at the New England Made Trade Show catching up with old friends and making some new ones!

Catching up with Julie of Earth Angel Arts

Discovering the new items Doles Orchard had to offer

Baltic By Design had a new cribbage board that had all of us excited.

Scoping out some pottery

There were so many artisans and craftsmen to discover that Barb and Marie had to take a rest in this beyond comfortable hammock.

Seeing the new items from Mary Michola Fibich

Maine Made, Made in Maine, Maine Craftsmen, New England Made Trade Show

Reordering more tasty pickled treats from Maine Homestead

Gail of Miller Designs has been with Lisa-Marie’s Made in Maine since we very first opened our doors and has been friends with Lisa-Marie for even longer. Marie remembers seeing Gail at craft shows when she would help Lisa-Marie out when she was 10.

As you may know, we spent all of last week rearranging, cleaning and painting in our Portland location.

We have had the store arranged like this for about 7 years and it was time for a change.

To start we needed to get our carpets cleaned. So, on Day 1 we moved all of our inventory into the back and moved all of our furniture and display fixtures from the front of the store to the back of the store, exposing the very dirty carpets.

After the front half of the store was clean, we flipped the whole store on Day 2 so the back half of the store could have clean carpets like the front of the store.

After the carpets were freshly cleaned (boy did that feel good!) it was time to give some of our displays a fresh coat of paint to brighten everything up. Day 3 and Day 4 were devoted to painting, waiting for paint to dry and then putting the newly painted display fixtures into their new spots in the store.

On Friday we were in the home stretch! We spent all day Friday and much of Saturday reassembling the store putting all of our Maine made products back on the shelves ready for our customers to come in.

And by the end of the day Saturday, Marie and Barb were so exhausted from all the hard work during the week that they decided to have a little fun with the helium in leftover Valentine’s Day balloons they found when cleaning.

And here’s the blooper….

We work hard but we play hard too. Come see all our hard work and the fresh new look!



If you are from Midcoast Maine, know about local Maine artists or have an affinity children’s book authors who also illustrate their own work, you have probably heard of Dahlov Ipcar. After 99 years of creative life, Ipcar passed on February 10, 2017. She was painting that morning. Dahlov was such an inspiration in my childhood that her passing has made me very reminiscent.

My first job was as Page in the Children’s Room at the Patten Free Library. I remember being a child and sitting in the Children’s Room and it felt so big and bright and colorful with its antelopes, cheetahs and zebras prancing across the big walls. That was the beginning of my appreciation of Dahlov Ipcar.

I was so thankful that after construction was done and many updates to the functionality of the library were improved the vivid mural was still hung throughout the Children’s Room walls.

The Ipcar presence is strong in Bath, Maine. The statue in Library Park – “The Spirit of the Sea” was done by Dahlov Ipcar’s father, William Zorach. It’s a landmark in Maine that is known to people from all over the country. With Dahlov’s mural hanging in the Children’s Room and her books available for checkout from the library, you can be completely absorbed and inspired by the creativity of this family.

Lisa-Marie’s has carried Dahlov’s children’s books for many years. Sometimes we are even lucky enough to have a booksiging with the author and/or illustrator. In Dahlov’s case, she is both. Dahlov was doing book-signings well into her 80’s and though they became fewer and further between she was able to come to Lisa-Marie’s. Once, Andy even picked her up at her home in Georgetown and drove her into Bath. While she was signing, she requested a piece of good chocolate to help her through the signing – something Lisa-Marie was pleased to provide. Lisa-Marie’s still carries a variety of Dahlov’s children’s books.

We are thankful for the fond memories that we shared with Dahlov and for the the many wonderful books and paintings that she left us to enjoy for generations to come.


We had an awesome time last Friday at our Sweethearts Open House in Bath and in Portland. The weather was blustery but people were happy for a cup of hot tea and a snack while meeting some of our jewelers.

Both locations had a spread of delicious food featuring EnlightenMINT tea from Zen Bear Honey, Bert’s Awesome Stuff Mango Chutney over Cheddar Cheese on a cracker, Bar Harbor Jam’s Blueberry Hot Pepper Jelly over whipped Cream Cheese on a cracker, and Chocolate Covered Cranberries. The mint/honey tea got rave reviews! We served it with fresh mint and lime. It’s delicious cold served over ice. (Perhaps with a touch of whiskey added…)

EnlightenMINT Honey Tea from Zen Bear Honey, Chocolate Covered Cranberries, Bert's Awesome Stuff Mango Chutney, Bar Harbor Jam's Blueberry Hot Pepper Jelly

Our Bath location hosted Tenley of Lobster Designs and Sarah of Sarah’s Sand Dollars. After years and years of being in the same store and having probably done the same shows a few times, this was the FIRST time that Tenley and Sarah met. Sarah is a lobsterman herself, and Tenley’s husband is a lobsterman and she has stern-manned for him before so it’s clear that both of these amazing women are inspired by the ocean and the rough work that it creates for Mainers. We love that these creative women can create such beautiful pieces of jewelry from the wilds of the water.

Sarah of Sarah's Sand Dollars, Tenley of Lobster Design

Cullen Concannon of Cape Elizabeth (I really enjoy saying that just for the alliteration of it) was in our Portland location displaying her jewelry made with sterling silver, sea glass, beach stones, and other stones. We couldn’t help but ooh and aaah over the pieces that she had never made just for the event. Nicole in our Portland store bought some earrings before anyone else could even get the chance!

Cullen Jewelry Design

Cullen Jewelry Design

Cullen Jewelry Design